The Six Best Running Apps (2020)
Daniel Till

No matter what stage you’re at with running, there’s loads of running apps out there to help
you on your way.
To give you a hand, we’ve rounded up the five best running apps for 2020.
1) Best For Beginners: Couch To 5K

Couch to 5k is a running app for absolute beginners.
Set over nine weeks, the plan takes you from
running 60 seconds bursts to 30 minutes non-stop.
The plan is brilliant to help prevent injury. If you’re a
new runner, you’re probably running too fast, too
far, too soon. Doing this leaves you feeling
exhausted and you can’t walk for days after. Couch
to 5k eases you into things at a nice steady pace.
To help you, there’s a choice of six guides to choose
from. They include people who’ve followed the plan
themselves like Sarah Millican and Sanjeev Kohli (Naveed from Still Game), or if you’re
looking for some high-energy American motivation, Michael Johnson is another option.
By week nine you’ll be running non-stop for thirty minutes, which at a steady pace should
get you to 5km.
2) Best To Track Progress: Strava

Strava is an incredibly easy to use app that tracks your
run time, distance and calories burned. Simply tap “go”
and the app will track your route and show you how you
performed against your own personal bests, and against
other runners who have run similar routes.
What’s more, you can use Strava to track a whole bunch
of other activities, including bike rides, canoeing, rock
climbs, ski routes, surfs and more.

If you connect your contacts book and Facebook, you can follow your friend’s progress and
invite them to do the same.

The only downside is that if you want to save a run, it automatically shares it with everyone
you’re connected with. This means if you’re just starting out, or have a bad run, the world
sees your time. For new runners, this can be embarrassing.
3) Best All-Rounder: Nike Run Club

Built as an extension to their popular Nike Fitness App, Nike Run Club has something for
It’s “First Run” option helps you achieve exactly that: your very first run. The guided jog
gives you all the useful information you need to manage your pace and your breathing.
What makes Nike Run Club a great all-rounder is the variety of run-based workouts. Once
you download the app, you can try workouts such as:
- Your first 5km
- Your first 10m
- Treadmill runs
- Tempo runs, and
- Speed runs
In particular, we love the “Mindfulness Run Pack” to help you beat stress. This is a great
feature that a lot of people will appreciate, especially with current events.
What’s more, not only will Nike Run Club guide you through your first run, it will get you
marathon ready, too (if that’s where you’re at). We found the “14 weeks to go” half-
marathon guide is especially useful for giving our prep some structure.
4) Best For Something Different: Zombies, Run

No, you didn’t read that wrong: zombies.
So what’s this all about?
Zombies, Run says that while you run in the real world, you “become a hero in another.”
The app features an award-winning story, putting you right in the mix – Walking Dead style.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to collect supplies, save survivors and
complete challenges that will help you build and maintain your basecamp.
Oh, and you’ll have to do all this while running away from zombies.
You play your mission through your headphones, and when zombies are approaching – you
better speed up.
5) Best For Social & Motivation: Gym Buddy

Have you tried to start running before, only to quit after a few weeks?

We’re all guilty of that at some stage in our lives. Why? Lack of motivation.
Gym Buddy’s NEW running tracking system solves this by tracking your pace and route in
real time, and our inbuilt social media platform connects like-minded fitness enthusiasts
with one another.
Plus! The app is a gym pass that gives you instant access to gyms all over the UK with one,
cancel-at-any-time membership
Download the Gym Buddy app for FREE today to get started.