How To Market Your Fitness Business Online (2020)
Daniel Till

With over 189,000 people employed in the health and fitness industry in the UK, what are you doing to stand out from the crowd?

People nowadays are more sceptical about being sold to than ever before thanks to fake news and online clickbait. You need to demonstrate to your potential clients three things:

  1. How your service works
  2. Who your service is for
  3. That they can trust you


The best way to do this? Content marketing.


Content marketing is using videos, images and articles to prove you know your stuff. It’s a living, breathing CV.


But before you rush onto Facebook and set up a business page, read through our list of ways to market your fitness business online in 2020 to keep up with the times.


  1. TikTok


TikTok is more than just those daft voiceover videos that are doing the rounds.

If you create a good piece of content on TikTok, you’ll see engagement across all your channels blow up overnight.


Short “How To” videos do really well on this platform, plus quick healthy cooking demos are also on the rise.


Make it short, make it punchy and make it helpful.


But most of all, make sure it’s something someone can copy at home.



  1. Youtube


Youtube is great for content marketing because of the lifespan of your uploads. Whereas Facebook, Instagram and Twitter’s posts need to “stick” immediately to do well, your content on Youtube is evergreen by comparison.


To make that clear, you could spend hours, days and weeks coming up with some amazing content only for mainstream social media’s algorithms to either decide not to show it to many people, or you could post it at the wrong time of day and get no engagement.


Youtube is worth the effort, plus any engagement you get on Youtube will filter through to your other social media channels if you’ve got everything linked up properly.


Just look at Bob and Brad for example. They claim to be the “world’s two most famous physical therapists on the internet” (and have an annoyingly catchy theme tune that says just that). Their videos have millions of views and they’re mainly based on Youtube.


  1. LinkedIn


People think of LinkedIn purely as a platform for people who wear suits, but in reality, the platform has recently seen a lot of diversity from people in lots of different industries.


You’ll find everyone from shoemakers, to chefs and football trainers on there now. So if you’re looking to find more clients and engage with new connections, LinkedIn is a great place to do that.


Approach LinkedIn the same way you would Facebook and Instagram. Don’t worry about the “this isn’t for LinkedIn” brigade either. They’re the butt of most jokes on there. Be yourself, share your amazing content and teach people something and you’ll find people will be appreciative.


  1. Mainstream Social Media


We couldn’t skip Facebook and Instagram, but we won’t talk about them too much. The main thing to remember with these platforms is that everyone is on there, so you’re potentially going to get some negative comments from people.


Your fitness profession isn’t for everyone, so try and find your target audience the best you can be joining groups on Facebook.


Instagram is slightly better since people have to “like” your page to see your posts, but still be aware that the content you spend hours planning and videoing might not be seen by all your followers. Instagram stories are proving very popular, as they follow the same easy one-click navigation as TickTock, so give them a go.


Instagram Live is a particularly useful new tool also. So experiment with that.


  1. GymBuddy

We created GymBuddy to solve the main problems of the other social media platforms. Namely, that algorithms mess with the effort you put into your content marketing and that the other platforms can’t guarantee you a relevant, engaged and interested audience.


GymBuddy is algorithm free on its feed, meaning everything you post will be seen by all of the people who have connected with you. This means there’s less wasted time, effort and money and more engagement, exposure and potential clients.


Plus, we’ve also recently launched a cool new feature that lets customers find you on a map of the UK.


Download the app for FREE today and upload your profile to get