The Booking System

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NOBODY wants to queue outside for a gym session!

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Time Slot Allocation .

Your Members can book time slots to your gym through the booking portal on the GymBuddy app!

Know exactly who and when your members are turning up!

Your members can choose a time make the booking and know they have the slot available to train.

You pay us nothing.

Keep all your membership direct debits as they are, just use GymBuddy as the booking and data capture tool.

How it works

Allocated Booking

Members book the time slots available, they turn up show you a code and train, its really that simple

Who's Turning Up

See who you’re expecting before they arrive. All of our user profiles have full names, contact details and photos.

No Unhappy Members

Now members can turn up and know they can train at the time they want. Be smart keep the members happy